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Our Goal

To make you GIGGLE, LAUGH, SMILE and ENJOY when you eat Mighty Micki’s Mini Donuts



Our Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Mighty Micki’s Mini Donuts is to provide the best hot mini donuts in the world using only the finest ingredients, cooked to perfection, from an aesthetically pleasing kiosk/mobile unit



Our Objective

Our objective is to set ourselves apart from the norm, providing unusual taste experiences with creative coatings, dips, etc. To be the leader in the mini donut spectrum



Mighty Micki’s Mini Donuts is a family owned operation based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, under the corporation of Mazza Enterprises, established 1992.  

Mick and Stella Mazza have enjoyed serving thousands of Manitobans the delicious taste of Mighty Mini Donuts at a variety of summer festivals and fairs for over 28 years.

From a table top mini donut fryer on Corydon street festival, Mighty Mini Donuts currently consist of three mobile units, and our highly popular kiosks at the Investors Group Field. We attend well recognized events and festivals throughout Manitoba… including the Gimli Icelandic Festival,  Morden Corn and Apple, Children’s Festival,  to name a few.

In the past our stationed kiosks were located in the former Winnipeg arena, and Canad Inns Stadium. 




Our Story